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Pulsar Class
Filename: pulsar.zip

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1.63 MB
Lord Trekie
Ships > Federation > TNG, DS9, VOY and Future

Average User Rating: 10
Number of Votes: 2
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Pulsar Class - File Description  

The long awaited Pulsar Class has finally arrived. Many of you would have seen this in the forums, and with a fair few modifications, she'd pass as a Luna Class (supposabily being Rikers' ship). Still, a nice little ship we have here, if not a little dark (though that may just be the game situation).


Pulsar Class - Screenshots  
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Pulsar Class - File Download Options  

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Pulsar Class - Readme  
Readme File:

Original Mesh: Lord_Trekie (ME)
Revised Current Mesh: Major A Payne, Lord_Trekie
Textures (From P81's SFC Nova): Pneumonic 81
Texture Alpha Channel: Chiletrek
Texture Edits: Lord_Trekie
ODF, BuildButton, and Admirals Log Pic: Lord_Trekie
Wireframe: Chiletrek
Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry
Armada 2: Activison & Mad-Doc

1) Unzip the contents of the file into a temporary directory.
2) Open the folder C:\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\Bitmaps\Admirals Log\Ship Images and copy fpulsar.bmp there
3) Open the folder C:\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\ODF\Ships and copy fpulsar.odf into it.
4) Open the folder C:\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\SOD and place the fpulsar.sod file there.
5) Finally open C:\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\Textures\RGB and paste nova_1.tga, nova_2.tga, nova_3.tga, nova_4.tga, gbfpuslar.tga, and wirePulsar.tga there.
6) Next to add the ship to your game, open C:\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\ODF\Stations\fyard.odf with a text editor, scroll down until you see:

//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = "fscout"
buildItem1 = "fdestroy2"
buildItem2 = "fdestroy"
buildItem3 = "fcolony"
buildItem4 = "fcruise1"
buildItem5 = "fcruise3"
buildItem6 = "fassault"
buildItem7 = "fcruise2"

add buildItem8 = "fpulsar" right below buildItem7 = "fcruise2"

7) Next to get the buildbutton and wireframe to appear, open C:\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\Sprites\gui_global.spr, scroll down to the scetion titled Federation buildbuttons, add this line right below @reference=512:

b_fpulsar gbfpulsar 0 0 64 64

for the wireframe scroll down some more until you find # federation wire frames, with @reference=256 right below it, then add this below that line:

fpulsarw1 wirePulsar 256 256 256 256

8) The final step is to add the Pulsar to your techtree. Open the C:\Activision\Star Trek Armada 2\techtrees\ folder and then open the techtree you want to add the ship too (I reccomend tech1.tt and fulltech.tt)

Anywhere in the file (tech1.tt or fulltech.tt) add the line:

fpulsar.odf 0 //Pulsar Class

9) If you followed these easy steps then you should now have the Pulsar class in your Armada 2 game. Enjoy.


If there are any problems with this ship mod please feel free to e-mail me at starwart12588 at yahoo.com

Remember I am not responsible for any damage this mod may cause you or your computer.


Please feel free to redistribute this mod as long as this readme file is included. Please do not alter any the fies included in the zip without my permission.



Star Trek Armada 2 is copyrighted to Activision and Maddoc. Star Trek, and all the various Series, images, refernces, and Movies are copyrighted to CBS Paramount. 3D model (aka mesh) designed by me, Lord_Trekie and Major A Payne. No infringement intended. All rights reserved. These files are provided freely for private use only and may not be sold without license under international law.

Pulsar Class - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Armada 2 Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 10 | Last comment: 10-21-2006 at 19:17

 #1 - Nice little ship there. - 10-18-2006 at 08:33
From: (OK)
Joined: April 20th, 2004
Posts: 51
It's a nice looking little ship there. I bet it will prove a nice little addition to the federation fleet. Two Thumbs Up!

 #2 - 10-18-2006 at 10:43
From: (Lacey, Washington)
Joined: December 31st, 2004
Posts: 199
Thank you Syf, glad you like it. Also the pics are "dark" because I deleated the directional light on the map as a test of the lightmaps that Chiletrek did. And I must say that they look great.

 #3 - 10-18-2006 at 19:48
From: (San Jose/California)
Joined: June 2nd, 2004
Posts: 735
this ship looks like it could have the same capabilities as the nebula class. very nice model. 10/10

 #4 - 10-18-2006 at 20:39
From: (Lacey, Washington)
Joined: December 31st, 2004
Posts: 199
It definatly could be considered a precursor to the Nebula, but it was built after the Nebula, Nova, Intrepid, and after the Luna class. Also I realised I made the ship way too powerful for the stock game so in my 1.1 release in a few days that will be changed, and I will try to get a sensor probe weapon working in addition to one other special weapon if I can get it to work.

 #5 - 10-19-2006 at 21:25
Joined: March 3rd, 2003
Posts: 1039
I'm glad to see this ship finally online.
Great woyk Lord_Trekie, this makes me want to finish my own mods smile

 #6 - bug - 10-20-2006 at 04:18
Joined: April 16th, 2004
Posts: 502
It is a really nice looking ship, and I waited in anticipation for a long time for this one. I only found 1 'bug'. Since you used p81 Nova textures and adapted them, the real p81 nova's textures are screwed up.

 #7 - 10-20-2006 at 05:16
From: (Lacey, Washington)
Joined: December 31st, 2004
Posts: 199
#5 - What are you talkin about, you've released more stuff than I have.

#6 - Yeah, I suppose that I should have mentioned that in the readme, but for some reason I decided not to. I can fix that in the next release, rename the textures for you all. smile

 #8 - 10-20-2006 at 09:44
From: (San Jose/California)
Joined: June 2nd, 2004
Posts: 735
deffinatly a nice lookin ship but the textures for the saucer conflict with the textures for the saucer textures from P81's Nova.

 #9 - 10-21-2006 at 17:20
From: (California)
Joined: September 9th, 2006
Posts: 109
This looks like a Nova sized Nebula using the Nova frame. Pretty cool none-the-less.

 #10 - 10-21-2006 at 19:17
From: (Lacey, Washington)
Joined: December 31st, 2004
Posts: 199
#8 - I am really sorry, that never really occured to me as I haven't used P81's Nova for anything until now, in V1.1 that will no longer be a problem.

#9 - thanks, that was more or less the desired effect, though I assure you the current model is completely from scratch by MaP.

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