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Total number of files: 23

Armada 2

Tigershark Class (1.0) Download fed_ptng_tigershark_class.zip Read 4 Comments
Hello, here is a kitbash I made. This time: no saucer section due to budget cuts. Have fun R5D5 If you have problems with Filefronts download system, please use the lin... More info

Date: 07-31-2013
Average Rating: 10
Downloads: 90
Filesize: 2.68 MB
Armada 2

Ballista Class (1.0) Download fed_tng_ballista_class.zip Read 4 Comments
Hello, another kitbash I made from my TNG Kelvin class. This time it's a artillery ship. Have fun :) R5D5 If you have problems with Filefront downloads system, use the li... More info

Date: 06-23-2013
Average Rating: 10
Downloads: 85
Filesize: 2.69 MB
Armada 2

Federation Cruisers (1.0) Download tng_fed_cruisers.zip Read 2 Comments
Hello, some kitbashes I made from my TNG Kelvin class. TNG-designs that have been made before by others, so nothing really special. But I like them and I like to share. If... More info

Date: 04-12-2013
Average Rating: 10
Downloads: 123
Filesize: 3.1 MB
Armada 2

TNG Kelvin class (1.0) Download ptngkelvin.zip Read 4 Comments
TNG Kelvin class Mid 2012 I was asked to model a TNG-Variant of the Kelvin class, based on the USS Kelvin as shown in the 2009 Star Trek Movie. Being fond of the idea, I... More info

Date: 03-06-2013
Average Rating: 10
Downloads: 108
Filesize: 1.41 MB
Armada 2

Post TNG Miranda class sister variants (Ship Pack No.3) (1.0) Download shippack3.zip Read 8 Comments
This pack contains the long announced sister variants of my post-TNG Miranda class, released in early 2012. Well... at least here it is. Special thanks to Terradyhne, for ... More info

Date: 02-06-2013
Average Rating: 8.7
Downloads: 168
Filesize: 6.94 MB
Armada 2

Miranda Class / post TNG refit Download ptngmiranda.zip Read 7 Comments
An Easter egg! This is my version of a post-TNG refit Miranda class. It uses stock weapons, so adding it to the game is relatively easy. Have fun using it, or blow it in... More info

Date: 04-07-2012
Average Rating: 8.5
Downloads: 178
Filesize: 5.85 MB
Armada 2

Map Units Pack 1 Download mapunitspack_01.zip Read 6 Comments
Hello, this file contains a map I made (one of my first playable, I really have a struggle with map-making) and some unique ships and stations that are placed on it. It&Aci... More info

Date: 07-01-2011
Average Rating: 9
Downloads: 188
Filesize: 10.11 MB
Armada 2
No screenshot available
Missing textures for R5D5s Ship Pack 2 (supplementary) Download missing_textures_for_shippack2.zip
Here are the textures, missing in my Ship Pack No. 2. Sorry for any inconvenience. I know it´s always disappointing, when you download a model or mod and parts... More info

Date: 12-05-2010
Average Rating: 10
Downloads: 169
Filesize: N/A
Armada 2

R5D5's Ship Pack No. 2 (1.0) Download shippack2_by_r5d5.zip Read 21 Comments
Hello, early in 2010 I submitted a couple of ships for the terran empire, also promised to release a federation version of them... and never did. Now late in the year and b... More info

Date: 12-03-2010
Average Rating: 8.4
Downloads: 330
Filesize: N/A
Armada 2

Federation Ship Depot Download fedstoragedepot.zip Read 12 Comments
This file contains a federation ship-depot, so you can build the vintage stuff from this yard. The model has a 10,000+ polys but for a station it´s OK, I think... More info

Date: 10-01-2010
Average Rating: 9.5
Downloads: 559
Filesize: N/A
Armada 2

Triton Class Missile Cruiser Download tmp_triton_class.zip Read 17 Comments
Hello, this is a new model made by me: The Triton Class Missile Cruiser. It is an interesting TMP-design and was originaly created in 1989 by Brad R. Torgersen, who runs ... More info

Date: 05-11-2010
Average Rating: 8.9
Downloads: 249
Filesize: 3.35 MB
Armada 2

Federation Cheetah Class and refits Download cheetah_class_by_r5d5.zip Read 5 Comments
This file contains three models of the Cheetah Class, a ship similar to the Constellation Class. It was orginally designed by Pneumonic81 for SFC and first released for ST:... More info

Date: 03-26-2010
Average Rating: 9.5
Downloads: 519
Filesize: 5.05 MB
Armada 2

Terran Ship Pack Download terran_ship_pack_by_r5d5.zip Read 7 Comments
For those of y'all who have been awaiting Terran ships.... here's a couple nice ones for you. This pack contains three ships from the dark side of the mirror. The Devastat... More info

Date: 01-03-2010
Average Rating: 8
Downloads: 363
Filesize: 3.09 MB
Armada 2

Starchaser Class (Carrier Variant) Download fed_starchaser_carrier.zip Read 7 Comments
A while back, R5D5 put together a low-poly ship pack of Federation vessels based somewhere on the later side of the Lost Era. One of these ships was called the Starchaser; ... More info

Date: 11-21-2009
Average Rating: 9.6
Downloads: 490
Filesize: 2.96 MB
Armada 2

Avalon Station missing texture set Download missing_texture_for_avalon_station_and_ships.zip
This is the texture set that was missing when I submitted the Avalon Station pack. I am sorry for the discomfort. Usually I check things before uploading them... More info

Date: 08-27-2009
Average Rating:Not rated yet!
Downloads: 142
Filesize: 231.38 KB
Armada 2

Avalon Station and ships Download avalon_station.zip Read 13 Comments
New content from R5D5. This mod pack includes three new ships (one of which is a construction ship) along with the Deep Space 17 Avalon Station. All of these models are wel... More info

Date: 08-25-2009
Average Rating: 9.6
Downloads: 646
Filesize: 5.77 MB
Armada 2

Federation Scout Retexture (1.0) Download fscout_retexture.zip Read 3 Comments
This is a new texture-set for the stock model of the federation Vebture class. Since it is only a texture-mod, it can also be used in online-matches without causing trouble. More info

Date: 08-09-2009
Average Rating: 10
Downloads: 285
Filesize: 1.16 MB
Armada 2

Constitution Class TNG-Refit Texture-addon (1.0) Download 83constitution_class_tngrefit_texture_addon.zip Read 1 Comment
Hello, this are the promised BORG-textures, wireframe and Admiral`s Log Picture for my Constitution Class TNG-Refit uploaded about a week ago. A nice addition for everyone... More info

Date: 04-08-2008
Average Rating: 10
Downloads: 210
Filesize: 1.96 MB
Armada 2

R5D5's Constitution Class TNG-Refit Download fconuptng.zip Read 17 Comments
Well, seems that these Constitution class refits are going to keep on comin'. This one, from R5D5, comes with a nice little story to tell! I'm impressed. R5D5's old Ship ... More info

Date: 03-27-2008
Average Rating: 8.8
Downloads: 534
Filesize: 2.8 MB
Armada 2

Constitution Class Refit Studymodels Download constitution_refits.zip Read 13 Comments
Wow! Itís not every day we see some early TMP materials on this site. Here are two phenomenally done ships based on early designs of the constitution refit. Each comes co... More info

Date: 11-11-2007
Average Rating: 9
Downloads: 825
Filesize: 4.96 MB
Armada 2

Sparrow Class Scouts Download fed_sparrow_class_scout.zip Read 3 Comments
What we have here is a clever idea done only once before on the site. Very simple as well and I think in this case, it works better. If you have a look at the pictures belo... More info

Date: 08-13-2007
Average Rating: 8.9
Downloads: 325
Filesize: 1.08 MB
Armada 2

R5D5's Ship Pack Download shippack_1.zip Read 9 Comments
When you get a ship pack from a developer, you don't really know what to expect. Even with those 'experienced' modders, you can get something you personally don't like, but... More info

Date: 06-13-2007
Average Rating: 9.5
Downloads: 575
Filesize: 6.25 MB
Armada 2

Metropolitan Class Download fed_metropolitan_class_by_r5d5.rar Read 10 Comments
Now this is something new (and I mean new). Actually a brand new vessel, with a brand new design, that (as quoted) fits in between the Excelsior & Ambassador. My only f... More info

Date: 11-24-2006
Average Rating: 9.4
Downloads: 297
Filesize: 1.52 MB

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